July 9, 2010

R.I.P. Seablogger

Blogger and poet Alan Sullivan has died; I have quoted him often here. Charlene and I once had lunch with him and his partner Tim Murphy in Fargo, ND! She and I will both miss reading him. He was always so open about his life and feelings that I feel closer to him than one normally would with an Internet acquaintance. Also, he came to Catholic faith not very long after I did. That was something that astonished and delighted us...

This is the last stanza of Alan and Tim's translation of Beowulf...

High on the headland         they heaped his grave-mound
which seafaring sailors         would see from afar.
Ten days they toiled         on the scorched hilltop,
the cleverest men         skillfully crafting
a long-home built         for the bold in battle.
They walled with timbers         the trove they had taken
sealing in stone         the circlets and gems
wealth of the worm-hoard         gotten with grief
gold from the ground         gone back to Earth
as worthless to men         as when it was won
the sorrowing swordsman         circled the barrow
twelve of his earls         telling their tales,
the sons of nobles         sadly saluting
deeds of the dead.         So dutiful thanes
in liege to their lord         mourn him with lays
praising his peerless         prowess in battle
as it is fitting         when life leaves the flesh.
Heavy-hearted         his hearth-companions
grieved for Beowulf         great among kings,
mild in his mien         most gentle of men,
kindest to kinfolk         and keenest for fame.

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