April 26, 2010

Making big bucks is fine with us...

From a good debunking of a recent article about Sarah Palin,The Commercialization of False Narratives About Palin,

...[The Left is] trying to create the narrative that Palin is a hypocrite for making a lot of money. In the eyes of the radical left, her wealth contradicts the "hockey mom" image that she has conveyed to the public.

That the left believes in this narrative shows how poorly they understand how conservatives/Republicans view wealth/money as opposed to elitism. The left is conflating wealth/money with elitism. No populist-leaning conservative/Republicans has any issue with wealth or money that is earned through the free market. Governor Palin has never criticized anyone for making too much money through the free market. In fact, one reason why conservatives and Republicans so aggressively support tax cuts for even the wealthiest Americans is that those who have excelled through the free market should not be punished for their success.

What conservatives and Republicans like Governor Palin don't support is elitism, which is the idea that someone with a particular educational background or a person who comes from a high social class is inherently graced with superior ideas and qualifications. Liberals like Sherman fail to understand the distinction between money/wealth and elitism. The former is something that conservatives and Republicans like Palin applaud. The latter is something that we denounce.

In no way is it hypocritical for Governor Palin to work hard and earn as much wealth as she has. The fact that she has become rich does not run counter to her hockey mom narrative. Why doesn't it? Because the story of Sarah Palin has never been that she's just a hockey mom....the story of Sarah Palin has always been that she's a hockey mom who has succeeded in the political and economic arena. She's an ordinary American who has accomplished extraordinary things. ...

Well, that's the old idea. "Government of the people, by the people, for the people." Elitists of all stripes and parties don't get it. Europeans don't get it. Us ordinary folk often DO get it. And we love Sarah because she embodies our dream. We don't love her for her many successes, but because she vindicates the possibility that ordinary people like ourselves can potentially accomplish great things.

Elitists instinctively hate Sarah Palin. They started attacking her on the very first day she appeared in the McCain campaign. They hated her at first sight. Why? They knew! They saw immdiately that she was a threat to the notion that superior people who read the NYT and go MOMA should run the circus.

Posted by John Weidner at April 26, 2010 11:54 AM
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