April 2, 2010

Such paltry achievements...

This piece by Tunku Varadarajan, Why Palin Drives Us All Mad, has some good stuff, but is also revalatory of a certain odd anti-Sarah mindset in the author...

...On the right, by contrast, there are commentators who err in the opposite direction—partly in reaction, no doubt, to all the Palin-abuse of the last 20 months (who can forget Andrew Sullivan's foul ravings, for instance). In an op-ed that was one part treacle and two parts overreach, Norman Podhoretz—conservative —likened Palin to a rough-diamond version of Ronald Reagan and declared that he would "rather have Sarah Palin sitting in the Oval Office than Barack Obama." Bill Kristol has, at earlier times, espoused Palin with a corresponding vigor—a vigor that was, like Podhoretz's paean, strikingly at odds with Palin's apparent abilities and achievements. [Achievements: Success as wife, mother, councilwoman, mayor, Oil and Gas Board member, state governor, hunter, commercial fishing business operator, author, speaker, TV personality, supporter of conservative candidates, pro-life advocate, people-with-disabilities advocate, new-media pioneer, fundraiser, gadfly against the administration. And the best at connecting with ordinary Americans since...Reagan? .... yeah, you're right Tunku; that's a verrry thin resume.]

So we have, on the one hand, a rejection of Palin by liberal intellectuals that can border on the hysterical, and, on the other, a clearly overblown evaluation of her by her proponents on the right. Both sides, I reckon, are quite wrong. (A question for Podhoretz: What should one do if one wants neither Obama nor Palin in the White House?)...

That last bleat is really odd. (What do you do? Support another candidate. Duh.) It has the sound of someone who feels trapped. Well, he is trapped in a way. He's hoping it will be "anyone but Sarah," and therefore he's desperately wishing the Republican nominee will be any one of what Hillbuzz calls "cucumber-and-mayonnaise-on-white-bread-sandwich" Republicans. Hey, pick any of them; they all look alike!

Sorry, Tunku. Won't happen. Your guys are..... boring. Bland. Anemic. We didn't know they were insipid until 8-29-08. Then Sarah walked onstage, and all those other guys, including Mr McCain, suddenly looked sort of like department store mannequins. The contrast was devastating.

And it has just gotten worse. This is a time that aches for passionate and even flamboyant Republican leadership. For leaders who can call on us to die on the last barricades of freedom. So who do you got, Mr V.? C'mon, if you don't like Sarah, put forth a better alternative! You can't do it, can you. You have no cards in your hand.

My guess is that he loathes Sarah because she stands—both symbolically and actually—for the notion of government by the people. That is to say, people who have never heard of der Herr Geheimrat Varadarajan, and wouldn't be much impressed if they did.

Sara Palin with dead caribou

Posted by John Weidner at April 2, 2010 12:56 PM
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