April 1, 2010

What's a little carnage to a Chicago politician?

Michael Medved, Honor for a Terrorist Draws No Objection:

During Joe Biden's Middle East visit, American media focused on Israeli plans to build 1,600 housing units in a Jewish neighborhood in Jerusalem but a simultaneous Palestinian provocation received no attention. In its administrative center of Ramallah, the Palestinian Authority dedicated a traffic circle, and promised an heroic statue, to honor Dalal Mughrabi—a notorious terrorist. In 1978, this nineteen-year-old militant led a gang of eleven in the "Coastal Road Massacre"—seizing two passenger buses and a taxi, and butchering 38 Israeli civilians, including 13 children. Mughrabi died in a gun battle with police, but she's revered as a Palestinian heroine.

A decision by America's ally to build new homes in its own capital city drew Washington's condemnation, but Americans made little complaint about formal honors for a killer who slaughtered more than three dozen innocent Jews some thirty years ago.

One of the several causes of the War on Terror is the widespread Leftist idea that it's not terrorism if you are killing Jews. All the savageries of the terrorist scum have been tried out on Jews first—Ma'alot was a warm-up for Beslan. Then, when the Western powers shrug over the deaths of a few Yids, or the "pacifists" are just fine with armed violence along as it is killing Jews,the terrorists take it as a wink and a nudge to do more.

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