March 17, 2010


Thanks to Mike Plaiss for this link, Liberals Getting a Taste of How 'Balance' Feels: Amity Shlaes -

...March 17 (Bloomberg) -- Lack of balance is the charge being levied against the Texas State Board of Education after it inserted changes to new standards in social studies programs in public schools. The Associated Press said in an article that a "far-right faction" of the board had succeeded "in injecting conservative ideals" into the curriculum.

The Texas flap matters because Texas is so big. Publishers will revise textbooks to win the prize Texas contract. But the debate also reminds us that our current definition of balance is distorted. After all, what's wrong with "injecting conservative ideals" into a curriculum, as long as they aren't the only ideals?

At its most devilishly aggressive -- and whatever lines it inserts about church, state, hip-hop or the Alamo -- the board will not restore true balance. It will merely manage to make the curriculum a little less skewed to the left....

It is always odd how conservatives have to spend so much fizz just battling the idea that left-liberal ideas and world-views are "normal." I suspect we ought to be doing a lot more to frame the issues. Conservative ideas are normal. Actually, most of them are American ideas that when I was a boy were held by all normal people, Democrat or Republican. When was growing up nobody thought patriotism was "conservative," because everybody was patriotic, except a few Beatnik Communists.

But once leftists started to be anti-American in the 60's, they managed to frame the argument as if the people who still loved this country had moved to the right! Had become right-wingers! Stupid, but most people don't want to think anything contrary to what the TV tells them...

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