January 19, 2010

Dream on, Romney boy...

The winner and the loser — Don Surber:

In the end, it was a blowout for Republican Scott Brown as he will become the first Republican senator from Massachusetts in 37 years. Looks like a 52%/47% win. Good job. Good hustle.

The big loser was not Martha "Marcia" Coakley — she still has her gig as attorney general — or even President Obama, who also still has a job. [Neither of them will ever smile again.]

The big loser tonight is Sarah Palin. [So, let's think about this. The spirit of Tea Parties and grassroots conservative rebellion explodes in Mass., and the name Palin isn't going to spring to mind? Hmm?]

She still doesnt have a job. [she's working for Fox News, and pulling down big bucks as a speaker. More importantly, she doesn't NEED a job. She's not needy--she's the center of attention whenever she wants to be.]

Brown won without her. [So?]

Doug Hoffman lost with her. [Perhaps you weren't concentrating, but Hoffman was a third-party candidate who wasn't even expected to make a showing. And he raised over 100k the day Palin took notice of him.]

Brown won a seat that Republicans could only dream about even a week ago. [Which gives credibility to all those Republicans who are NOT establishment pooh-bahs.]

Hoffman lost a seat that belonged to Republicans. [He was running for the Conservative Party, not the Republicans. Perhaps you didn't hear about that.]

Which presidential candidate is most like Scott Brown. [See picture below]

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. [Ha ha and ha. Romney campaigning in a pickup truck would be like Dukakis in a tank.]

And who was at the Brown headquarters tonight? ['cause he's the needy one. Sarah needs no shared luster.]...

Hey, Mr Surber. Look at this picture. Who's it remind you of?

The funny thing is that his piece conveys the opposite of what Surber intends. Nobody says, "Hey, Look! So-and-so won without Romney!" No one cares. But even in a race that Palin had no connection with at all, no involvement in, people are still trying to say "Palin lost." What a joke.

You be nice to Governor Palin, I advise, because she may let your fellow be Secretary of Treasury. But his hopes of being president ended on August 28, 2008. When the Sun rises into the sky, the moons and planetoids become like mere shadows.

Posted by John Weidner at January 19, 2010 8:19 PM
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