January 16, 2010

Difficult decisions...

Alan Sullivan, Decision Time:

Drudge has linked this comprehensive NYT article on the relief efforts in Haiti. A critical phase is arriving. As shock wears off, rage sets in. There will be anarchy and bloodshed in the ruined city. The US has military forces on the scene. How will they be used? Difficult decisions are imminent.

Yeah. I mentioned this post to Charlene, and she said, "Do you shoot them, or not?" That's what's involved. And the decisions are particularly difficult because they are precisely the ones we've been trying desperately to avoid or fudge...

Liberalism in its current form mostly says, "Nothing is worth fighting for." But it will sometimes make exceptions in favor of military action if the cause does not directly benefit the US. Well, here you go, Mr Obama.

And an even more difficult question is, "Do we add them to the empire?" Haiti has been a human catastrophe for 200 years, which pretty much tells us that they will never get their act together on their own. The situation cries out for us to take over. Hell-hole in our back yard, or protectorate. Them's the choices.

Yet even more difficult: Haiti is like.... Africa. Sub-Saharan Africa is a continent of Haitis, with maybe a flicker of hope here and there. Haiti poses the question of whether the black parts of the globe will ever be able to govern themselves.

* Update: Charlene adds, "But what about the Bahamas? They're not like Haiti. In fact they have problem with illegal immigration from Haiti." Well, they were British...

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