January 8, 2010

A bit more of Yosemite...

Here's another picture from Yosemite Valley. (We're home now, by the way.) That's a bridge over the Merced River, with Half Dome in the background. Notice how nice the reflection of the bridge in the water is. We took a mid-week vacation, the best time because few people are around, and rates are low. Once I wandered away from the roads I'd hardly see another soul. We wouldn't dream of going to the valley in summertime, it would just be absurd...

snowy bridge in Yosemite

Below the fold you can see Charlene relaxing in front of the fire in her "Fortress of Solitude," the rustic Weidner cabin, pondering deep and dangerous thoughts. Be very afraid, collectivists!

Charlene at Ahwanee Hotel

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