December 23, 2009

Our insanity is a thing of dream-like beauty, #2

'Huge rise' in number of women seeking help for alcohol addiction | News (Thanks to Orrin Judd):

Soaring numbers of women are seeking help for drink addiction in the run-up to Christmas....

So, Englishmen, how's that post-Christian thing working out?

Didja ever notice something odd about "feminism?" That it was always about encouraging women to mimic the worst characteristics of men? No "feminist" leaders have ever suggested that women adopt honor, chivalry, nobility, stout-heartedness, or defense of the innocent. But pub-crawling, swearing, smoking, careerism, tattoos, casual sex, and a general hardness of heart.... Hey, you've made progress, baby! Just avoid babies, and the sky's the limit.

And how's this for being suicidally stupid:

...Supermarkets are accused of encouraging binge drinking by selling alcohol more cheaply than bottled water. Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury's are among those selling beer at just over 5p per 100ml.

Addictions expert Professor Ian Gilmore, head of the Royal College of Physicians, warned: "Voluntary partnerships with the industry aren't working. They must be backed up with measures from the Government to tackle heavily discounted alcohol this Christmas."...

Oh right. It's purely an economic problem. There's nothing that exists except materialism, which is the answer to every problem. "Experts" will tweak prices, and behavior will be adjusted thereby. The British problem is lack of government regulations!

Pay no attention to those primitivos who suggest that there can be spiritual problems. The science is SETTLED!

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