December 19, 2009

If I were giving a lecture on global warming, this might be my outline...

E.M.Smith is a climate blogger (Musings from the Chiefio) who tends to be a bit too abstruse and technical for the casual reader. But here's a good summary he's written of what's bogus about AGW (anthropogenic global warming) theory, AGW: Basics of What's Wrong. (Also good is his summary of the problems with GIStemp)

...8. They simply can not model what they do not know. ANY computer model can only tell you things in the domain of your present understanding. If your understanding is broken, so is your model. They "know" that CO2 is causal (despite the data) and that is what they model, ergo what they find. The truth is that we really don't know how weather and climate work completely, so any 'model' can at best be used to show places to do more research, not to make policy. They don't predict, they inform of our ignorance.

9) The thing they are trying to model, 30 year weather, is chaotic. (That does not mean random, it means that the state jumps all over from trivial input changes.) Chaotic models are, at the present state of the art, worse than guessing (and may always be, the math behind it leads me to think maybe so...) The input data are very flawed.

10) Based on these models saying the world will end Real Soon Now, many other folks run off to show that they ought to get funding for their grant because it is related to this hot topic of global warming. When you look into the 'thousands and thousands' of papers endorsing the global warming thesis you find the vast majority are of the form "If we assume that the model run by [foo] is right, this is the bad thing that will happen in MY field." There are in fact only a few centers doing the modeling (a half dozen?) and their ideas are very inbred. We are really basing world decisions on the work of about a half dozen.

11) Dissent is to be crushed, ruthlessly. Frankly, this is what got me started down the "What the..." trail. I've worked in forensics and law enforcement from time to time. Sets off my Madoff Alarm. (Used to be Ponzi...) If you're so sure you are right, demonstrate (share) your data, models, et. al. and we'll have a nice debate. No? OK, WHAT ARE YOU HIDING? One of the hallmarks of a shared delusion is the ruthless attack of anything that would threaten the delusion. It just smells of cult. And there are plenty of alternative theories, including the established one of 'it is natural variation'. The science is not settled and the debate is not over, even if one side is paranoid about being challenged.

12) The major drivers of the process are not scientists, but political bodies with agendas for control and a history of corruption and deception. UN? You want me to trust a UN Political Committee? The IPCC is NOT a bunch of scientists, it's a bunch of politicians. They consult scientists. They have at times re-written scientists work (without notice). Many scientists have now begun speaking out against the IPCC. See #11 for how they are treated.

13) Mr. Albert Gore. His 'inconvenient truth' is a nice propaganda piece. It is decidedly not science. Polar bears are aquatic, they swim hundreds of miles sometimes (one swam from Greenland to Iceland). He shows them drowning... Their numbers are rising, he shows them near extinction. The list goes on. When a politician starts blatantly propagandizing for central power and authority my 'peace in our time' buzzer goes off...

14) The 'cure'. The proposed cure will result in terrible death and poverty. It will misallocate trillions of dollars (that would be much better spent improving other things: education world wide, malaria, cooking stoves in the 3rd world, food supplies, etc.)...
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