November 23, 2009

Just the usual craziness..

Dave Winer, No escalation in Afghanistan:

...I assumed that because we elected Obama to end the war in Iraq that it went without saying that the war in Afghanistan would be ended as well.

Apparently not so.

The President is now considering an escalation of the war in Afghanistan...

I can't believe the stupidity of this. Stupid of course on the surface level since Obama and the "democrats" pounded on Bush for years for supposedly neglecting the "good war" in Afghanistan in favor of putting resources into Iraq. Even someone stupid enough to vote for Obama has to realize that it wouldn't be possible to instantly say "We were lying."

But more importantly, stupid in the way we've seen so many times, with Leftists simply not believing that anything is real except the US (and Israel). We saw the same thing in Vietnam. Once the US troops went home, "the war was over." In fact it wasn't over. Millions of people were still to be killed and imprisoned and driven into exile by the Progressives. But to Leftists, the war really was over! Only the US is real to them. Actually, not even that—they are reacting to the bogeyman US that exists only in their heads.

Does any SANE person believe that peace will drop the like the dew on Afghanistan if the Yanks pull out? That "the war will be over?" To a Lefty, only America or Israel wage war. Imagine we leave Afghanistan—leave completely. And imagine a Leftizoid then saying, "There's a war going on between the Taliban and the Afghan Government." It's unimaginable. They would never say it. (Unless they could somehow blame the US. Then it would be a war.)

Posted by John Weidner at November 23, 2009 7:53 PM
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