November 4, 2009

2.4 million GOP votes to 1.9 million for the Democrats...

American Thinker: Forget the 2-1 spin; it was a rout:

...What we did not know was just how overwhelming the anti-Democrat tide would be among voters. In the three talked about races, it was a blow out of something like 55-42% overall in precincts that voted for Obama 56-44 just a year ago. The raw totals will end up a tad under 2.4 million GOP votes to 1.9 million for the Democrats in round numbers.

So don't buy into any 2-1 split decision analysis. It was a stunning reversal of a full quarter of the electorate in one year's time.

For the record, Barack Obama "voted present" by not even watching the election returns — let alone commenting -- as his party suffered the massive 25% reversal. (OK, I don't believe White House reports that he didn't watch, but who could blame him a little fib considering the magnitude of the actual loss.)

The stunning stat of the night might be this: that McDonnell beat Creigh Deeds by 1000 times the margin he did in 2005. Or it might be that Christie overcame a 700 thousand party voter disadvantage to win a race with about two million total voters. Or it may be that all this happened with zero references about "reaching across the aisle" or mavericks. So what does this mean?

It means Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and "big tent" politics just suffered a huge electoral defeat. Likely the same can be said of whatever this week's Obama-Baucus-Bogus-Consumer-Ponzi-Care bill is being called these days. To quote CNBC's politically minded financial analyst Jerry Bowyer, the 1900 page health care bill is "now pulp." He made that call before 8 p.m. eastern...
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