October 10, 2009

Hatefulness grows, as mean-spirited reality savages innocent climate models...

(My title is due to having to endure in silence a critique of "mean-spiritedness," which has—wait for it— "taken over again!" complete with examples of "right-wing hate," morphing into "JFK was killed by hate." Nudge, wink.)

That worrisome "Methane Beast" apparently is still not awake.:

The Ups and Downs of Methane
Reposted from World Climate Report

One of the indisputable facts in the field of global climate change is that the atmospheric build-up of methane (CH4) has been, over the past few decades, occurring much more slowly than all predictions as to its behavior (Figure 1). Since methane is a particularly potent greenhouse gas (thought to have about 25 times the warming power of CO2), emissions scenarios which fail to track methane will struggle to well-replicate the total climate forcing, likely erring on the high side—and feeding too much forcing into climate models leads to too much global warming coming out of them...

...This behavior is quite perplexing. And while we are not sure what processes are behind it, we do know one thing for certain—the slow growth of methane concentrations is an extremely cold bucket of water dumped on the overheated claims that global warming is leading to a thawing of the Arctic permafrost and the release of untold mega-quantities of methane (which, of course, will lead to more warming, more thawing, more methane, etc., and, of course, to runaway catastrophe)....
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