October 3, 2009

Who does he think he is? FDR?

Obama poster

John at Power Line posts this excerpt from an Obama radio address...

As we move forward in the coming weeks, I understand that members of Congress from both parties will want to engage in a vigorous debate and contribute their own ideas. And I welcome those contributions. I welcome any sincere attempts to improve legislation before it reaches my desk. But what I will not accept are attempts to stall, or drag our feet. I will not accept partisan efforts to block reform at any cost....

Is this just stream-of-consciousness rubbish, or does he actually think he can "not accept" opposition? What's he gonna do? Maybe he believes all the rubbish the press puts out about his messianic superlativeness. It didn't impress the IOC much!

There have possibly been great American presidents who cold, on rare occasions, make demands like that and be taken seriously. But this is like some punk would-be gangster threatening that people will "sleep with the fishes," when he's never actually killed anybody! Ha ha.

Whatever, please keep it up, Barry!

Posted by John Weidner at October 3, 2009 6:23 PM
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