September 16, 2009

So well put...

Will Collier on Carter's latest vileness:

For everybody old enough to remember what life was like under Jimmy's stupefying mixture of sophomoric self-righteousness, boundless naivete and gobsmacking incompetence, shoving Mr. Peanut back under the spotlight in his bitter dotage does nothing to help Obama, who's been looking like Carter II since a few hours after his inauguration.

And for those too young to remember history's greatest monster (thanks, Glenn), Jimmah's empty slander is just another sign of the unbecoming moral vanity at the heart of the modern Left, to say nothing of its overweening intolerance for any hint of dissent. People know good and well that being opposed to socialized medicine or trillion-dollar deficits doesn't make them racist. Calling them ugly names isn't going to make them cower away in fear--it's going to make them more convinced than ever that they're in the right.

And John Galt:

I realized that McCain didn't really want to be president when he allowed Obama to call him "Bush's 3rd term" without referring to Obama as "Carter's 2nd Term." That's something Lloyd Bentsen, Ann Richards, and Ronald Reagan all would have said
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