August 15, 2009

More "Timiditas and Deditio"

Roger Kimball has more on the pre-emptive surrender of Yale to the possibility of Islamic terrorism, by removing all depictions of Mohammed from a book on the Mohammed cartoon controversy. It's apparently the University itself, not press, that's adopting some Sharia. But of course the decision is shrouded in secrecy and liberal cowardice...

Villain or Fall Guy? Yale and the Case of the Missing Cartoons:

...But here's the question — it is the British comic Pat Condell's question that I quoted yesterday:
"How much more of your freedom needs to be whittled away to defend this intolerant, misogynistic, homophobic, antisemitic ideology from the robust and frank and open criticism that it so richly deserves?"
If the Yale University Press — or perhaps I should say if Yale University itself — is any guide, the answer is "Take it all. We give up." Mark Steyn, writing about the Yale incident yesterday, is right:
What all these stories — from this disgusting act to the no-donuts-at-Ramadan "recommendations" now common at European businesses — have in common is acceptance of the same general principle: that the most extreme interpretation of Islamic "law" now applies to Muslim and non-Muslim alike.
The really appalling thing is that institutions like Yale — institutions, I mean, that exist to pursue the truth — should tacitly endorse this ethic of pre-emptive capitulation. By embracing this species of mendacious political correctness they forfeit the prerogatives of truth for the dubious satisfactions of multicultural self-righteousness. Steyn's word "disgusting" is the mot juste. The question is, when — if ever — will a critical mass of people rise up and vomit out this poison?...

Of course if the oleaginous lickspittles at Yale were publishing something that offended America, or Christianity, they would pompously declare that they require absolute freedom of speech to perform their "truth-seeking" academic function.

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