August 6, 2009

Thank you (yet again) President Bush...

Editorial - The Battle for D.C.'s High Schools -

...Mayor Adrian Fenty of Washington and his hard-charging chancellor of schools, Michelle Rhee, face great challenges in their attempt to turn around a school system that has long been known as one of the nation's worst. The climb will be especially steep with the city's 15 high schools, 10 of which are undergoing various forms of restructuring because they have failed to meet progress standards under the No Child Left Behind Act. (my emphasis)

The mayor and the chancellor are justified in taking radical steps, especially in schools that have failed for decades on end. Among other things, the city should bring in a select few of the nation's top charter school operators, but only the ones that have demonstrated clear success at the high school level.

Charter groups operate publicly funded schools, but often have great flexibility with curriculum and union contract arrangements. The first step should be to break the larger schools into smaller units and rewrite union contracts to allow for greater flexibility and progress.

Ms. Rhee has already hired two well-regarded outside groups to manage three of the high schools. She has also held preliminary discussions with a nationally known California concern, Green Dot Public Schools, one of the largest and most successful operators in that state....

The real civil rights struggle of our times is the freeing of inner city children from the hideous slavery and human destruction imposed by the corrupt teachers unions nd their lackeys in the Democrat Party. and the genius of NCLB was its ability to force change. Conservatives ought to have given President Bush strong support on this.

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