June 5, 2009

Why this blog is "hate-filled" #187

"Hate-filled," in liberal-speak, means, as I'm sure you know, "criticises the Left." But why? Why am I so filled with "hate?"

Here's one reason...This is one of my old posts from January 2003 I stumbled upon...

Reasons why we shouldn't/couldn't/mustn't liberate Iraq; #187:

From a column by Arnold Ahlert in the NY Post. (via Andrea)
January 5, 2003 -- IT was probably an amazing coincidence, but twice in the past week when the argument was being made for a "hands off" policy regarding Saddam Hussein, I got the exact same answer to a question.

The question: Does it make any difference to you that Saddam Hussein has murdered more than 180,000 Iraqis? The answer both times: Well, they're his people, aren't they?...

...Were the Jews "Hitler's people"? This particular follow-up question elicited no response...

Being an embedded journalist in a far-left city, I wasn't surprised, exactly. But it is very strange, historically speaking, for liberals to be so illiberal.

Actually, you could say that my whole blogging project since back then has been to point out that things like this are VERY STRANGE!

And to ask WHY? (Some of my answers are here.)

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