March 7, 2009

Me, I align with the trogs...

Peter Robinson, Neither Moderate Nor Centrist -

...A couple of implications here are worth noting. The first is that a deep, recurring pattern of American life has asserted itself yet again: the cluelessness of the elite.

Buckley, Gergen and Brooks all attended expensive private universities, then spent their careers moving among the wealthy and powerful who inhabit the seaboard corridor running from Washington to Boston. If any of the three strolled uninvited into a cocktail party in Georgetown, Cambridge or New Haven, the hostess would emit yelps of delight. Yet all three originally got Obama wrong.

Contrast Buckley, Gergen and Brooks with, let us say, Rush Limbaugh, whose appearance at any chic cocktail party would cause the hostess to faint dead away, or with Thomas Sowell, who occupies probably the most unfashionable position in the country, that of a black conservative.

Limbaugh and Sowell both got Obama right from the very get-go. "Just what evidence do you have," Sowell replied when I asked, shortly before the election, whether he considered Obama a centrist, "that he's anything but a hard-left ideologue?"

The elite journalists, I repeat, got Obama wrong. The troglodytes got him right. As our national drama continues to unfold, bear that in mind....
The fascinating flip-side of this is that the very same elite cuties all hated Sarah Palin.

<armchair psychologist mode> My guess is that Sarah, symbolically, is a pie-in-the-face to many peoples' hidden gnostic fantasy that their uber-coolness or crunchy-granola-ness show that they are shedding the dross of the material world and ascending to a higher spiritual state. To a sort of transcendental oneness that is glowing... golden... almost.... dare I say it? European! (Or, if not that good, at least not tacky!) Everything about her is the down-to-earth opposite of that sort of airy-fairy crap. </armchair psychologist mode>

I'd extend this and say that, on a symbolic level, the Palins' decision to not abort a Downs syndrome child was an extreme affront to our elites, and was more important than anything she actually said or did. (She's actually never been an anti-abortion crusader.) Sort of a declaration of war. Trig Palin symbolizes the utter intractableness of the fallen and broken nature of our material universe. Gnosticism in all its slippery and protean forms is an attempt to escape from this. To slough it off!

For the Palins to embrace, symbolically, the gritty ugly realness of things is to reject the deep underlying assumptions of almost every leftist or elitist worldview.

It is also exceedingly Catholic. Not in being anti-abortion (Catholics consider that natural law, not something Catholic) but in embracing the world and reality in the way it is, and not trying to squirm away from the pain and ugliness at the cost of distancing God's creation.

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