February 10, 2009


From Big Hollywood...

....Here are some other wonderful facts according to Hollywood:

  • Apple, Inc. supplies well over 98% of computers in the USA.
  • All good cops are tormented creatures in one way or another. 90% plus are divorced but have amazing relationships with their kids, usually teenagers.
  • "Religious types", regardless of religion, are one step away from acting out violently, and usually do! Christians seem the most hair-triggered in this regard. Also, abject fear drives 100% of a "religious type's" decision making process.
  • Conservatives by nature have something to hide.
  • The rate of drug use at high-end private high schools is 70% plus.
  • Most corporations have assassins on the payroll.
  • Liberals and minorities are always sincere and innocent, unless of course they cavort with Republicans or Corporations.
  • Abandoned warehouses are always available for holding hostages.
  • And lastly, raising children in a traditional family is by far the worst possible thing for them.

Any corporation worth its salt should have an assassin or two! What's the fun of being a capitalist oppressor if you can't snuff a few opponents?

Posted by John Weidner at February 10, 2009 4:07 PM
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