October 30, 2008

And you want this animal to be President?

Times (of London; no US paper investigates the Messiah)
...But a few miles from where the Democratic presidential candidate studied at Harvard, his Kenyan aunt and uncle, immigrants living in modest circumstances in Boston, have a contrasting American story.

Zeituni Onyango, the aunt so affectionately described in Mr Obama's best-selling memoir Dreams from My Father, lives in a disabled-access flat on a rundown public housing estate in South Boston.

A second relative believed to be the long-lost "Uncle Omar" described in the book was beaten by armed robbers with a "sawed-off rifle" while working in a corner shop in the Dorchester area of the city. He was later evicted from his one-bedroom flat for failing to pay $2,324.20 arrears, according to the Boston Housing Court...

Unbelievable. Obama's touching tales of his Kenyan relatives helped to make him a millionaire, and yet some of those actual people are now living in squalor in Boston, and he's never visited them or loaned them a penny. (But sent campaign workers to tell them to keep their mouths shut 'till after the election!)

And there are other stories like this that have leaked out. He has brothers living in poverty in Kenya--he doesn't care. And he visited a school there that had been named after him, and promised to help it--but never did a thing.

This guy is an obvious scoundrel. A fraud and a sham. (In fact I'm starting to think he's a sociopath.) And brain-dead Democrats are going to vote for him, and then glow with smug self-satisfaction because they are on the side of "good," and aren't like those greedy heartless "Americans."

Posted by John Weidner at October 30, 2008 6:47 AM
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