October 27, 2008

A good man passes...

One of my favorite bloggers and writers, Dean Barnett, died today. I've quoted him here many times. I feel like I've lost a friend, though I never met him.

You might want to read these tributes by Hugh Hewitt, and Dafydd....


    WHEN mirth is full and free,
    Some sudden gloom shall be;
    When haughty power mounts high,
    The Watcher's axe is nigh.
All growth has bound; when greatest found,
    It hastes to die.

    When the rich town, that long
    Has lain its huts among,
    Uprears its pageants vast,
    And vaunts � it shall not last!
Bright tints that shine, are but a sign
    Of summer past.

   And when thine eye surveys,
    With fond adoring gaze,
    And yearning heart, thy friend�
    Love to its grave doth tend.
All gifts below, save Truth, but grow
    Towards an end.

      -- John Henry Newman, Valletta, January 1833
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