September 18, 2008

How I've been keeping busy...

I just delivered these two tables this morning. They are made to look like several very fine 1940's Art Deco pieces my clients already own. That's a console table in the rear, and a Parsons table in front. (With a lower shelf, so it's a kind of modified Parsons table. The name comes from the Parsons School of Design, by the way, not the title of a clergyman.)

Art Deco tables

I veneered them all over in White Ash Burl. The originals are in Olive Ash, but I couldn't find any that looked right. So I had to dye White Ash to match. Pain in the neck. But the results are worth it.

Here's a closer look at the console table.

Art Deco console table

For those curious about the details. The veneer is paper-backed, from Oakwood Veneer. I built the cases, then veneered them using Heat Lock glue. Then cut the grooves for the corner trim. Got those pieces to fit just right, then dyed and shellacked them, and glued them in. Then dyed the veneer. Then rubbed with boiled linseed oil--that makes the grain stand out. Then sealed the oil with shellac, then sprayed with a clear lacquer.

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