September 15, 2008

Not a blinker...

By former Reagan/Bush speechwriter Clark Judge:

....But, as I say, experience is NOT the reasons that Governor Palin is better suited as a steward of our national security than Senator Obama. Here is the reason.

Presidents are surrounded with lots of foreign policy experts. Most of the National Security Council staff will be the same, whichever ticket wins. Both Obama and Palin are intelligent people who will quickly absorb their briefing books and lectures and within months be extraordinarily well versed in the full range of foreign policy issues.

But then something will happen and, not only will the president have make decisions, but it will be essential that he or she be able to stand firm. No quality is more fundamental to the success of a keeper of our security than strength. In recent weeks, one McCain ploy after another has thrown Senator Obama and his campaign. The senator has backed off one position after another that had been previously cast in cement. He and his campaign have acted deeply intimidated by McCain television ads � well, not ads actually broadcast on television, internet ads, an incredible display of weakness

Meanwhile, Governor Palin has uttered three critical words that mark her as having the strength of a Thatcher or a Reagan � the most telling words she said to Charlie Gibson: "You can't blink."

That's what we learned this week. Under pressure, Senator Obama blinks. Under pressure, Governor Palin does not. That is why Governor Palin has emerged as the one better suited to assume our national security leadership, should she need to step in....

All the simple truth. It's good to keep in mind that Palin did not succeed in Alaska politics by subterfuge or by presenting a small silhouette.. She decided who her targets were going to be, and then destroyed them in head-on attacks. Not a blinker, thet's for sure.

May he live long and prosper, but if, God forbid, Mr McCain was to die two years and one day after his inauguration, Sarah Palin could legally, if re-elected twice, serve as President for ten years! Pretty funny to think of Lefties chocking on that one!

Posted by John Weidner at September 15, 2008 9:00 PM
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