July 28, 2008

They're scared....

This WaPo piece is a good example of the news-media trying to 'frame" an issue to help their candidate.

The head and sub-head:

McCain Says Obama Plays Politics on Iraq
Some Fellow Republicans Question Tactic

The only "fellow Republicans" quoted are Senator Hagel, who travelled with Obama on the recent trip, and an anonymous "strategist." And the whole thrust of the piece is to distract attention from McCain's charges, and focus it on whether McCain is being "churlish," whether he's "lashing out," and to suggest he is calling Obama "unpatriotic." (Needless to say the subject of patriotism was never mentioned by McCain.)

The Post is right to be worried. Not only was the dropped hospital visit very revealing in itself, but it also it reveals some real management problems. One would think the Obama campaign would be hyper-sensitive to any issues regarding war and patriotism and our military. An hour or two of Obama's time spent at Landstuhl could surely have been spared.

And even odder, how come Obama has not, as far as I know, visited any of our wounded in Washington DC? That would seem like an obvious and easy political move, to insulate him from charges of indifference...

Posted by John Weidner at July 28, 2008 9:05 AM
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