April 7, 2008

The Little Engine that Could..

You've surely already seen quotes from this article, Anti-McCain groups lag in fundraising. On a whim I read page two of the piece, and found lots to make me laugh...

...."A lot of the big Media Fund people were Hillary people, and [California billionaire Steve] Bing's just not going to write a check unless she's the nominee," the operative said. [Love that party loyalty!]

Another Democrat said the Campaign to Defend America had run into unexpected legal hurdles connected to its incorporation as a 501(c)(4) charity, which some campaign finance lawyers now see as the preferred independent spending vehicle. [A charity! Delightful.]

However, other lawyers warn that a focus on an election could prove legally problematic for such entities. [Do you think so?] The group "can engage in elections only as a secondary function," the Campaign Finance Institute reported earlier this month, warning that some activities could either threaten its tax status or draw penalties from the Federal Election Commission. [It will be fun to find out what the "primary function" is.]

Matzzie and two other officials of the Campaign to Defend America did not respond to requests for comment on its activities. [Heh]

A spokeswoman for the Fund for America, meanwhile, insisted that the group's mission is broader than electoral politics. [surrrre...]

"We're not focused on the 2008 election," said Fund for America spokeswoman Katharine Lister. [Dems? Not focused on 2008? Surrrre.]

The other traditional outlet for attacks on the Republican nominee is the Democratic National Committee. Its chairman, Howard Dean, has emerged as a leading McCain critic. [Ah, those devastating substantive criticisms from Howard. Refresh my memory, please? What were they?]

A spokeswoman for the committee, Karen Finney, disputed the notion that an opportunity has already been missed in the two months since McCain effectively secured the nomination. "We wanted to have solid research first," she said. [Oh I get it. They've got to dig up the dirt on McCain. His lunatic pastors, the shady financiers, the peculiar suicides, the Red Chinese donors, the futures trading that turns $1,000 into $100,000. Keep digging kids, there must be a pony somewhere.]

Finney noted that the DNC has been conducting focus groups and polling on McCain and finding that voters know little about his policy positions and identify him strongly with the unpopular Iraq war. [Of course there IS the nasty little fact that your al Qaeda surrogates are losing in Iraq.]

"We all know the importance of early framing and being aggressive, but if you do it the wrong way you can't undo it," she said. "We recognize that now is the time to define him." [You've spent EIGHT YEARS defining him as the bi-partisan anti-Bush kind of Republican you like. Way to do that "early framing."]

Finney also said the committee is now working to raise the money to finance an anti-McCain campaign. [Think big. Call it the Anti-War Heroes Fund.]

"We've been making a pitch to Clinton and Obama donors that regardless of who you support in the primary, you need to support the Democratic Party now," she said, saying results of that pitch had been "mixed." ["Mixed," as in "You are a racist (or sexist) if you take funds away from my candidate!]

"We're getting there. People are starting to understand the urgency," she said, adding that new polling would be released next week. "When they see the polling, they'll understand that we have a really sharp opportunity to define McCain, but we've got to do it now." [The Little Engine that Could.]

There's lots I don't like about McCain, but I LOVE the bind he's put Dems in. And there are SO MANY things to look forward to. Just think how their fake complaints about American "torture" are going to look next to the guy that was really tortured by the very Commies who were supported by all the fake anti-war Dems?

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