November 10, 2007

Reality-based kooky mob...

John Hinderaker of PowerLine has a report from the Blog Expo in Las Vegas. (No, I don't need to be invited to blog expos. I don't think I would fit in.) Amazin' stuff...

....About half the participants in both panels were liberals; these are the people who had me thinking I had passed into a different world, and entered a sort of bubble inhabited only by leftists.

The first panel went off, inevitably I suppose, on Iraq. What was striking was the dogmatic nature of the liberals' assertions about what is happening there. Things aren't getting better; things can't possibly get better; the facts don't matter, it's tautological; no matter what happens from here on, the policy stays the same; we must get out as fast as possible regardless of the facts on the ground. This view, they repeated more times than I could count, is shared by "70% of the American people." One of the 70%, apparently, was Markos Moulitsos, who interjected loud comments from the audience from time to time.

I'm pretty sure the number of people who think the facts don't matter in Iraq is quite a bit less than 70%, and I'm also pretty sure that a political movement that explicitly declares its indifference to reality is in trouble.

Several of the liberal bloggers vowed to cut Hillary Clinton little or no slack as President if she does not act quickly to remove the troops from Iraq. There were references to Lyndon Johnson, and one of the liberals (who seemed like a nice person) fondly recalled Country Joe and the Fish. I was nonplussed: the liberals haven't even elected their President yet, and they're already talking about how to go about destroying her....

Country Joe and the Fish??? Geez, I was much amused by Country Joe when I was in high school. In the 1960's, for pity's sake! I hate to break it to you Lefties out there, but remaining mentally in the cultural-country of your teenage years is not a sign of staying young. It is, in fact, a sign that you grew old and afraid about 4 decades ago. Pitiable. Preposterous.

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