November 6, 2007

Straight from BDS to GDS, with no pause!

This just makes me laugh. Leftists are so preposterous...

.....With the end of the dreaded Bush era approaching, Rudy Giuliani has slowly begun to supplant the president as the leading hate figure among liberals, a reality that will only help Mr. Giuliani in his efforts to overcome his differences with conservatives and win the Republican nomination...

....This sentiment has dominated liberal blogs, where a general consensus has formed that Mr. Giuliani would be the worst president imaginable. Mr. Giuliani's decision to include neoconservative icon Norman Podhoretz on his foreign-policy advisory team has also triggered liberal paranoia about his determination to attack Iran. Lost in all the fuss is the fact that Charles Hill, a Yale professor, is actually Mr. Giuliani's top adviser. What Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Hill have both emphasized is that if America makes it clear that it will not hesitate to use military force, diplomacy has a much more realistic chance of succeeding. Not that this line of reasoning would win over any of his critics on the left.

"If you want to spend enormous amounts of money and kill millions of people in service of policies that will be counterproductive for both democracy and American national security then Rudy's your man," wrote The American Prospect's Scott Lemieux in a post titled "Stop Rudy." Mr. Giuliani's deviations from conservatives don't score him any points among the left, either. Mr. Lemieux's colleague, Dana Goldstein, pleaded with her fellow progressives to "stop calling Rudy Giuliani pro-choice."The possibility of a Giuliani presidency had the Atlantic's Matthew Yglesias struggling for words: "One thing I'm wrestling with is finding a way to convey how terrified I am of the prospect of a Rudy Giuliani presidency in terms of its impact on our foreign policy."...

Ha ha ha. "The worst president imaginable." Poor Mr Yglesias is "terrified!" Oh baby, that's because you have no imagination---Wait'll you get a good dose of Mit Romney. Foaming at the mouth ain't in it.

Do you imagine Romney won't use military force to defend our country and police the world? Just as readily as Rudy? (And probably with more success--how you will hate that! ) AND he exemplifies traditional American values and is pro-life. And smart as the dickens!

I'd suspect that this was all a plot by you Lefties to make Rudy the Republican nominee, if I had that much respect for your intelligence.

Posted by John Weidner at November 6, 2007 5:51 AM
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