November 2, 2007

logic error....

Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive points out a logical anomaly...

....I disagree on the judgment that the act of waterboarding fits the proper definition of torture or even the more restrictive definitions employed by human rights groups and the left.

Without going into the whys of that, let me pose a simple question.

If waterboarding is torture and torture is illegal, then didn't Congress break the law every year when they passed a military budget that contains funds specifically dedicated to conducting waterboarding [used in training of US troops] as a matter of course?...[Thanks to Dave Price.]

The real logical absurdity here is that most of the people complaining about torture don't really care about the subject at all. It's only the United States and the Bush administration that they hate. Any other use of torture leaves them ice-heartedly indifferent.
For instance, the regime of Saddam Hussein was guilty of---by anybody's reckoning---tens-of-thousands of times more torture than we are even accused of. It was in fact probably more obsessed with torturing people than any other government in history.

Yet none of our torture sob-sisters ever gives thanks to the US military and George W Bush for stopping this. Or even acknowledges that this is the case.

They are phonies, they are liars, they are frauds. Most people who complain about torture are frauds. (And if anyone out there doesn't like it that I am using such blunt and contemptuous language, don't start sniveling, refute my argument. Show me I'm wrong.)

Posted by John Weidner at November 2, 2007 9:35 AM
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