September 20, 2007

Too bad they'll settle out of court...

Good post by Beldar on the Dan Rather suit..

...My glee is tempered by my realization that this case is almost certainly going to go away before it gets to any good stuff. But oh! it would be fun to watch CBS be forced to justify its putting of Rather out to pasture in a not-quite-firing by showing all of the grounds it had. Usually in a good juicy family court spat, you find yourself in sympathy with at least one litigant. But here's a case in which I can just cut loose and enjoy the misery and embarrassment of all concerned! (I continue to take pride in the high ranking of this post of mine from 2004 in search engine responses to the words "Dan Rather fired.")...

A scoundrel crew. How they deserve to be exposed! what a disgrace the whole episode was...I could go on at length if I had time.

The best of the jest right now is that Rather's lawyers are apparently part of the "reality-based community," and seem to be operating on the assumption that the forged documents were authentic! Hilarious.

Posted by John Weidner at September 20, 2007 12:51 PM
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