September 20, 2007

These are the people Democrats want us to surrender to...

....Because, of course, if we horrid Americans leave Iraq, then there will be "peace."

Iraqi National Police Break Up al-Qaeda Rape, Terror Cell in Samarra - HUMAN EVENTS :

...Upon being taken into custody, Medhi openly declared himself to be a member of al Qaeda, and freely admitted (and signed a written confession stating) that he had helped orchestrate and execute these attacks on Iraqi Security and Coalition Forces. Perhaps wishing to escape the punishing clutches of the NPs, and knowing full well -- as do all fighters in Iraq and elsewhere – how strict the rules are that Americans must abide by with regard to the humane treatment of prisoners and detainees, Medhi asked to be handed over to the coalition forces from Charlie Company 2-505 PIR (82nd Airborne) at Patrol Base Olson, in northwestern Samarra. In exchange for the transfer of custody, he had more information (and more confessions) that he was willing to provide.

What it was that he confessed to once in American custody shocked and outraged even his seasoned coalition captors, who had been facing ISI in this city for over a year.

Without a bit of pressure -- indeed, without the appearance of a care in the world -- Medhi, described in graphic detail the other half of his ISI cell’s operations: running an organized al Qaeda Rape ring in Samarra. With a modus operandi of breaking into various houses and either raping women on the spot or threatening the family with death while taking their daughter away to become a hostage and a sex slave, Medhi, a self-described homosexual who engaged in intercourse (via rape) with women “because other members of this group” did, confessed to his cell’s penchant for abducing girls and “holding them [hostage] just for their pleasure.” Most recently, he said, he had taken part in the rape, kidnapping, and/or killing of five women, three of whom were supposedly still alive....

"Support the Troops, Bring Them Home." That's the bumper sticker one sees around town. Because you see, Iraqis aren't human beings, and in fact nothing exists except when Americans (or Jews) are present. So if we leave there will be "peace."

It drives me nuts, the way leftists just assume that nothing goes on except what's done by the USA. And you can't argue with them, because they will never make their position explicit. It's taken for granted that Iraq was at peace before 2003 (despite hundreds of thousands disappearing into mass graves). And that we angry Americans decided to "solve problems using violence and war." Just out of the blue, you know, "bombing" where all was peaceful and happy before, and children were flying kites.

And it's just assumed that when we leave there will be peace. The war will be over. Just like Vietnam, where the "the war was over" when we pulled out, even though millions were yet to die.

Regular readers know that I believe that many of the ideas held by leftists and pacifists are evil and sick. But what actually makes me spitting angry is mostly that they are unwilling or unable to write or speak or argue clearly for their positions. Debate with them is always like punching a blob of Jello. And there's probably a liberal or two who is going to read this. And if he catch me in some factual error he will pounce on me instantly. But he will never even consider engaging me in principled argument, and probably don't even know what I mean. Hey! You there, visualize me grabbing your collar and slapping your face and demanding that you defend your ideas or change them!

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