September 13, 2007


Penraker has some interesting quotes from Brookings Institute (no friend to Republicans) scholars on Iraq. This one is by Peter Rodman (I didn't find a link to the original)...

...I think it would have a stabilizing effect in Iraq, in the sense that the people of Iraq see staying power. One of the most destabilizing factors in Iraq - the whole Iraqi equation - the whole internal Iraqi equation - has been the fear of American's very hard to counter this perception.

The election, the Baker-Hamiilton report, public opinion polls, there were plenty of reasons for Iraqis to believe that the Americans are someday going to leave. But this compounds the problems we have - it demoralizes moderates, it encourages people to resort to hedging strategies. I mean, if you think the Americans are heading for the exits, you're not going to take risks. You are not going to make concessions. You're going to husband your assets. You're going to hunker down and prepare for the great free-for all that's going to come.

And neighboring countries, by the same token are going to pick sides, and everything gets worse...

"One of the most destabilizing factors in Iraq....has been the fear of American withdrawal" Well, that's obvious. It's just like our everyday life--are people going to stand up to crooks if they are not sure that the cops are going to back them up? Are going to be there when called?

By not supporting their country, Leftists and pacifists and Democrats are actively (and probably knowingly) destabilizing Iraq, and many other parts of the world, and thereby causing the deaths of large numbers of people, including American soldiers.

Posted by John Weidner at September 13, 2007 11:55 AM
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