August 18, 2007

Cry for help...

Mark Morford (see previous post) also has a piece brimming with outrage because some of those insufferable Christians have actually set up a YouTube-type site of their own..., quite simply, restrict understanding. Limit knowledge. Prevent exploration. Discourage the egalitarian global community aspect of the Net itself in favor of, well, the same old dogma that got us into so much trouble in the first place, a sadly myopic ideology that's crippled school textbooks and smashed scientific study and drained the juice from the human sexual impulse and essentially elected the worst and most debilitating, morally dangerous president in modern American history...(Thanks to Penraker).

A Christian YouTube will "drain the juice from the human sexual impulse." Well, now! Are you, uh, worried about something, Mr Morford? Getting a bit nervous, hmmm?

The funny thing is that if you pay any attention to the people who follow traditional Christian, and especially Catholic, sexual morality, the one thing they never complain about is losing interest in sex! It's the libertines who have that problem, though they won't admit it. They just keep looking for a bigger kick, or skimpier outfits, or some such. And then complain that Christians are spoiling their sex lives, although how this could actually be done in practice is more than I can guess. I mean, I would love to "drain the juice" from Mr Morford's sex life, just as a practical joke. But I'm a Christian, and there's nothing in the manual explaining how to do that.

It's elementary that what the Morfords of the world really need, to regain the excitement of sex, is to have it forbidden or to make it risky, or more rare. So perhaps maybe all those Leftist complaints about how Christians are spoiling sex are really a kind of cry for help. "Please impose some inhibitions on me before I die of boredom!" .

Posted by John Weidner at August 18, 2007 4:24 PM
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