August 7, 2007

The leftists "were like putty in our hands"

Mike Plaiss mentioned this WSJ piece to me. It's very good...

Propaganda Redux:
Take it from this old KGB hand: The left is abetting America's enemies with its intemperate attacks on President Bush.

....Sowing the seeds of anti-Americanism by discrediting the American president was one of the main tasks of the Soviet-bloc intelligence community during the years I worked at its top levels. This same strategy is at work today, but it is regarded as bad manners to point out the Soviet parallels. For communists, only the leader counted, no matter the country, friend or foe. At home, they deified their own ruler--as to a certain extent still holds true in Russia. Abroad, they asserted that a fish starts smelling from the head, and they did everything in their power to make the head of the Free World stink.

The communist effort to generate hatred for the American president began soon after President Truman set up NATO and propelled the three Western occupation forces to unite their zones to form a new West German nation. We were tasked to take advantage of the reawakened patriotic feelings stirring in the European countries that had been subjugated by the Nazis, in order to shift their hatred for Hitler over into hatred for Truman--the leader of the new "occupation power." Western Europe was still grateful to the U.S. for having restored its freedom, but it had strong leftist movements that we secretly financed. They were like putty in our hands.

The European leftists, like any totalitarians, needed a tangible enemy, and we gave them one. In no time they began beating their drums decrying President Truman as the "butcher of Hiroshima." We went on to spend many years and many billions of dollars disparaging subsequent presidents: Eisenhower as a war-mongering "shark" run by the military-industrial complex, Johnson as a mafia boss who had bumped off his predecessor, Nixon as a petty tyrant, Ford as a dimwitted football player and Jimmy Carter as a bumbling peanut farmer. In 1978, when I left Romania for good, the bloc intelligence community had already collected 700 million signatures on a "Yankees-Go-Home" petition, at the same time launching the slogan "Europe for the Europeans."....

What's really sick is that our leftists have a little KGB man inside them, and keep on following orders from Comrade Yuri long after Communism has fallen and been discredited.

When I was young we were taught to respect the President, even if we disagreed with him politically. It's an American tradition, and traditions often have very good reasons behind them, as the above shows. One of the many important things that George W Bush did, upon becoming President, was to restore the dignity of the White House and the office of President that had been degraded by the Clintons. The Bush White House is not a place where staffers wear jeans and send out for pizza! This is done for the good of all of us.

And of course both Bush's follow American tradition in not criticizing other presidents [link, link].

Also, America's tradition is to support the president in war. America goes to war, not the president or his party. The current usage by leftists in calling the Iraq Campaign (voted by our Congress) "Bush's War" is a dirty thing. Evil and despicable. They are what the poet called "children of dirt."

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