August 4, 2007

" They all want to come to America"

Good, from Rudy:

....Just as important as details is Giuliani's frank language: "Americans believe in free-market solutions to the challenges we face, and I believe we can reduce costs, expand access to, and improve the quality of health care by increasing competition. America's health care system is being dragged down by decades of government-imposed mandates and wasteful, unaccountable bureaucracy."

For too long, Democrats and their friends in the media have dominated the health care debate, casting it as simply a question of how wretched our health care system is, how much better people in other countries have it, and how the only solution is more government. And for too long, Republicans have played along, buying into the Democrats' premise while offering dime-store alternatives.

They need to listen and learn from Giuliani: "I don't care what Michael Moore says in his movie," he said. "I've never had anybody ask me for help to get into a Cuban hospital or a Canadian hospital or an English hospital. They all want to come to America. So let's take what's right about our system and let's improve it."...

How I wish I could take Moore, and Noam Chomsky, plus all the other lefty frauds and, when next they have a medical problem, shove 'em on to a plane to Havana, and let them have a taste of what they want to give everyone else. And I don't mean send them to the special hospitals reserved for the ruling class. Let them find out what ordinary Cubans suffer, cockroaches and all...

Posted by John Weidner at August 4, 2007 3:12 PM
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