July 23, 2007

We had it and we threw it away...

PowerLine has a good post on how the three leading Democrat candidates have made statements in Iran, such as this one from Clinton...

...We cannot permit Iran to build or acquire nuclear weapons. We also must not let go unanswered its state sponsorship of terrorism. We must not stand silent in the face of brutal repression of women and minorities. And we must not tolerate threats to the existence of Israel...

But, none of them mention the possible use of force. Only diplomacy, or sanctions, or "engagement," or "working directly with Russia and China."

This is blatantly stupid, in two ways. One, you've said we "cannot"... "must not," blah blah blah. SO, what do you do if your diplomacy doesn't stop the things you said we "must not" allow? Is "must not" a lie? What. Do. You. Do?

Two, diplomacy works as an alternative to force. If you don't have a credible threat of force, then your adversary doesn't have much of a reason to make diplomatic concessions. It's the possibility of force that makes him scramble to find some diplomatic way out of whatever problem is on the table.

Renouncing force makes the use of force more likely, not less. Pacifism causes wars.

If you oppose war, if you want peace, then the best stance is to be perceived as aggressive, pugnacious, even a bit crazy. If I have a dispute with my next-door neighbor, and he's a hippie pacifist dweeb, I'm likely to brush him off. If he's erratic and combustible, and I worry that he might burn my house down, then..................how am I going to act, huh? You fill in the blank.

And the twisted thing is, we had this advantage! After March of 2003, the world looked at us as a bunch of crazy cowboys who might do anything. And as a result, our enemies started scrambling to make nice, and tyrant brutes like Mubarak and Assad trembled when Condi frowned. Omar Khadaffi imagined himself being dragged out of a spider-hole, and decided WMD's weren't worth the risk. Diplomacy was working!

We had it, AND WE THREW IT AWAY! Or rather, traitor Democrats threw it away, by undercutting our nation's foreign policy and making it obvious that they would drag down to defeat any attempt by the administration to make any serious use of force. Now our diplomacy no longer works. For instance, a large part of our current problems in Iraq stem from the massive flow of terrorists and deadly munitions over the borders of Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Those countries are in fact making war on us, killing American soldiers (and huge numbers of Iraqis). And they feel free to do it because they have little fear of retaliation.

They are waging a covert war. and it is a war caused by pacifism. Caused by people like Clinton, Obama and Edwards. War caused by people who claim to be for peace. And it is murderous war partly caused by people—the very thought makes me want to puke— who claim to be Christians.

Posted by John Weidner at July 23, 2007 12:30 PM
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