July 6, 2007

"This situation is dripping with irony!"

Hugh Hewitt posted an e-mail...

Why is the UK importing all these foreign doctors?

One answer is because many of the good ones left when the powers that be decided that nationalized government-run medical care was the way to go.

I’ll give you 2 examples from one specialty, ophthalmology:

S___ was the son and grandson of family physicians in the north of England. When the UK opted for socialized medicine, Stuart decided it was a bad move, so he moved, eventually winding up in Orange County, CA. S____ is the inventor of [a key advance in eye care] and co-founder of [a major company]. The device that allows the recipient thereof to see objects at far, intermediate and near distances. It is under the control of the ciliary muscle in the eye, and mimics the function of the natural lens before birthdays get a hold of it and the arms become too short. It’s a remarkable lens, manufactured right there in Aliso Viejo.

But do you think a Brit can get one of these intraocular marvels? Not likely. He can come here to receive it and pay cash, but if he wants surgery done in the UK, he must sign up, wait for a very long time, then have a German ophthalmic surgeon who flies into England do his surgery since there’s such a shortage of English ophthalmologist. This situation is dripping with irony!

To understand the current situation, you have to turn the clock back 40 years and realize that we are now seeing one of the natural results of lousy policy...

Things are connected. When I was a boy there were big battles about "socialized medicine." (I suspect the free-market party won back then just by pinning that name onto the issue. And now the socialists are trying to win by giving their policy the name "single payer.") And the people who opposed said that it was a bad idea that would harm us over time, by eroding the incentives that lead to better medicine.

And those who were for various government interventions in health care took the position that changing the economics of the system would not affect how people act. That doctors, for instance, would still work and compete vigorously without the incentive of yachts and big houses and seats on the board of the museum.

But what fascinates me is that they could not say this explicitly. Because it is crazy. And they still can't. Leftists are still drooling over the possibility of getting health care totally into the government's control, but the plans—HillaryCare, ObamaCare, whatever— still assume that all the little human chess-pieces will continue to act just the same.

To be left-leaning in any way is to be tangle-up in lies. I can argue my positions at any number of levels. There are underlying ideas under the underlying ideas. And you are welcome to take a hammer and pound on any of them. And if they fail, I've learned something. Leftists/democrats/"Progressives"/Liberals...none of them can say the same...


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