July 2, 2007

Just torn apart, animals and people...

You've probably already seen Michael Yon's photo essay on the discovery of a whole village slaughtered by al Qaeda. I can't better Michael Ledeen's words:

Yon's latest provides a clear picture of the terrorists' savage methods. Literally, because it's mostly photographs of what happened to a village that fell into the claws of al Qaeda. They just tore apart the villagers, their livestock, their children and women, and then boobytrapped the area to try to kill our guys, knowing that they would honor the dead...

It's grim stuff. You want to see evil? Just take a look. Makes me really angry.

And "Democrats" are people who want us to surrender to those animals!!! "Anti-war" activists are those who want to hand the poor people of Iraq over to them to be tortured and slaughtered. Just like they did for the wretches of South Vietnam and Cambodia.

And if we pull out, and the Iraqi's are being crushed and massacred, or possibly fighting back successfully, but with with much more bloodshed than there would be with our presence......then the fake-pacifists will define the ongoing carnage as "peace!" PEACE! And congratulate themselves on "ending the war." Just like those vile frauds preened themselves on "ending" the Vietnam War, even as millions were dying or being sent to concentration camps. They will blithely flush millions of brown-skinned people down the toilet if it helps elect Democrats and hurt America. God, how I hate them. Or rather, I try not to hate them personally, but I hate their ideas unreservedly.

And what a torment it is to be able to do nothing, except spit out my disgust in the blog. (And pray for peace. REAL peace, not appeasement and self-hatred leading to a bigger war down the line.) If I could transform myself to young-and-childless, I'd be SO totally in Iraq. So would Charlene, probably. I remember when we heard that a friend had been offered a job in Iraq. We just looked at each other and thought "that would be so cool."

But why, exactly, do we all obsess over the Iraq Campaign?

But why, exactly, do we all obsess over the Iraq Campaign? As wars go it's not even that big a deal. In past wars we've suffered similar numbers of casualties in single days! If human deaths are an issue, Darfur is much worse. If suffering bothers you, North Korea is much worse. The War on Terror is economically trifling, with our tax rates lowered yet government receipts steadily rising. And nobody's being drafted...

I'll tell you why I care. Iraq is the fulcrum of our world right now, and so it calls to us. The second-largest challenge of our time is the Islamic world. (No, I don't think we are "at war with Islam.") That misguided world is being racked over the space of a generation or two by changes that the Christian West worked through, with lots of bloodshed, over many centuries. And Iraq is the fracture-point where we have to hit them, to make progress in dealing with the problem. It's a center-point where change is possible, and from which change can radiate outward. (The astonishing transformation of Kurdish northern Iraq exemplifies the possibilities.)

And as for the the leftists and fake-Quakers? It is not the slightest bit odd that leftists everywhere hate the Iraq Campaign to something near the point of insanity. They hate it for many reasons (see this post) but I think the single biggest one is that, by taking on this momentous and very difficult project, we Americans are declaring our belief in ourselves and the rightness of our cause. And leftists are nihilists (as I've bored you by writing many times) and belief is what they are allergic to. Belief makes a claim on me, it says that there is something bigger than me me me, something I must serve. If, like all nihilists, your only creed is non servum, then you must make war on anything that makes a claim on you. Whether it's God, country, Truth, or unborn babies....

Posted by John Weidner at July 2, 2007 6:02 AM
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