June 13, 2007


From the Belmont Club...

...These [three] stories all illustrate how the Jihad is destroying every Muslim society in which it is raised. It has created far more havoc on those societies than any conceivable American military strike. Terrorism as a defense creates far more collateral damage than any conceivable "protection" it may offer. A case in point is Iraq. Far from being a brilliant strategy to defeat the America the "networked insurgency" has so far managed to smash Iraq's infrastructure, unleash murder gangs, cause the exile of hundreds of thousands of Sunnis to neighboring countries, cripple its oil production, dissolve every semblance of social order it can corrode and finally, unleash such a wave of revulsion that even thugs and smugglers are making common cause with the Coalition so that they can return to a life of peaceful crime. In Gaza, men on street are improbably longing for the return of the Israeli soldier, whose presence, however stern, now seems the very soul of gaiety in comparison to sadistic brutality of Hamas and Fatah. Even Pakistan's Northwest Frontier, the historical epitome of lawlessness, is watching all its grim records broken. "Now, Tank is becoming a virtual no-go zone, even for ethnic Pashtuns who make up the majority of its 150,000 people. Islamic fundamentalists have issued Taliban-style edicts and set up their own courts in the city and nearby districts. Extremists have warned barbers not to shave customers' beards and bombed shops selling Western music or films."

And the Jihadis have just gotten started. The terrible logic of terror means that it must continuously raise its level of grisliness to keep its victims, already brutalized and inured to routine shocks, spasming in fear...

I remain convinced that we are tacitly allied with most of the people of the Islamic world, even though they may not realize it, and may even hate and despise us.

And that the jihad is an insidious and very dangerous disease, but also one that creates antibodies, who will be our allies in the future. And of course we are seeing just that in Iraq, though the process has been slower and bloodier than we expected.

(And though it's not PC to say it aloud, the logic of our situation implies that the mistakes we have made in the Iraq Campaign, especially in not adopting counter-insurgency tactics a couple of years ago, are actually a good thing in the long run. Assuming we don't run away before we win. The blood had to be shed, to prevent far more carnage in the future.)

And the "logic of terror" works for us in the long run. The fake-pacifists and fake-Democrats are writhing and twisting in agony, trying to appease the un-appeasable, and trying to avoid the demand that they fight to preserve the civilization they no longer believe in. But it won't work. The terror-attacks will inevitably ratchet up. Coexistence is not possible.

Posted by John Weidner at June 13, 2007 7:45 AM
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