June 10, 2007

Do a Good Turn Daily...

Via the Anchoress, a nice piece in TimesOnline on the revival of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in Iraq.

Iraq actually has a long tradition of scouting, which was introduced by the Brits in the 1920's. It was corrupted and eventually destroyed by Saddam, but has sprung up again from the ashes.

I love to collect these stories. This won't get much attention from our news-media, you can be sure. It doesn't fit the anti-Bush Iraq-is-hopeless story line. And it won't be much noticed by those who think we are "at war with Islam." Nor, since the US military is helping out, by the fake-pacifists who claim we are "bombing Iraq."

Iraq is an odd and fascinating place, that never seems to quite fit the many stereotypes we try to impose on it. My belief continues to be that, notwithstanding the deep wells of evil and violence there, it is a place of great potential. And that it was and is the fracture-point where a blow to the sick realm of Arab despotism could be split open and changed...

Posted by John Weidner at June 10, 2007 7:12 AM
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