May 22, 2007

We see the same patterns over and over again...

Here's a report from UC Irvine. But it could easily describe a city or a country...

UCI Intifada: Preaching Terror on Campus

Yesterday, I visited the Crystal Cove Auditorium at UCI to hear Amir Abdul-Malik Ali, a radical Islamic activist sponsored by UCI's Muslim Student Union. As soon as I arrived I could hear his typical racist vitriol on how the Jewish people are the greatest threat to civilization; the same sentiment I had heard months earlier when I heard him at the front of the flag polls praising Hezbollah's war of attrition against Israel. This time it was different. As soon as I took my seat, with Sony camcorder in hand, many members of the audience gave me the stare of death. One guy sitting next to me told me to put my camera away. "The speaker doesn't want to be audio or video recorded, he said. I refused. So a band of thugs from the Muslim Student Union started to flood the aisles, blocked my camera view, and threatened to get the police If I didn't stop recording. The police never came. From talks with them afterward, they seemed unsympathetic to Mr. Ali and his army of spawns. Dean Edgar J. Dormitorio, in charge of security at the event, finally told me to go. So I succumbed to his wishes.

The intimidation didn't stop there. Members of the Muslim Student Union tracked my movements as I walked across the 1500 acre campus and stalked me to my next class. As soon as I sit down, I received similar stares. A man comes in class with his little sister, who I assume attended the Holocaust revival speech with him, and snaps a picture of me.

Why did the MSU’s thugs shove and demand that I empty the footage from my camera? We have all heard Mr. Ali preach hate before, what was different about this time? If they sponsor men like Mr. Ali, why are they so paranoid and embarrassed about what he has to say?

In the spirit of full dislosure, here is some raw footage of my struggle to capture the speech before I was forced to shut the camera off.

Anyone with a grain of sense will agree that allowing this sort of thing to go on without challenge or punishment will breed worse problems in the future. Letting bullies intimidate people while "security" looks on and does nothing will result in more thuggery. And sooner or later in violence. When this is done on a larger scale the eventual result is something people call war.

And what really infuriates me is that all the fake-Christians and fake-Quakers and fake-antiwar activists will ignore (or abet) all the steps that lead up to conflict. Then when things get violent, and authorities are forced to respond harshly, they will suddenly focus on the problem and act as if it just started.

And they will shed tears and talk about Gandhi and Jesus and how violence never solved anything! And how war never solved anything. When in fact they are responsible for the violence, because they are among those who ignored the beginnings of it. They refused to take notice when the problem was still small.

The Global War on Terror is exactly this situation on a larger scale. It grew over a span of many decades from small beginnings. mAnd at every step the "authorities," that is Europe, america the UN, etc, flinched from the task of slapping down bullies. And the result was that each subsequent stage was more violent and dangerous. Remember, more than 1,000 Americans were killed by Islamo-fascist terrorists before 9/11. We had a lot of excuses to respond with massive force when the terror groups were smaller and less well entrenched.

And we flubbed every one of them.

And that, Oh my brothers and sisters, is why we are wading in blood now. Pacifism kills. Pacifism is evil. (There may have been real pacifists in past times, but what calls itself pacifism now is really nihilism. It's the refusal to fight for what you believe, because you don't believe anything.) Ignoring lawbreaking is evil.

Like it or not, America is "the cops" on this planet. We just are, by default. There is no other alternative. (Europe and Japan should also be cops, but are paralyzed by nihilism.) And the GWoT is basically NOT a "war," but rather a crime situation that has been allowed to grow unchecked until it turns into something that looks like a war.

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