May 17, 2007

You won't see it on the news....

...But we pass the word from blog to blog, like samizdat in days of yore. GatewayPundit writes on Iraq's observance of Mass Graves Day...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Iraqis Observe Moment of Silence to Mark "Mass Graves Day"

What if you had a mass grave day and no Western media noticed?
Wednesday marked the day back in 2003 when the first mass grave was uncovered in Mahaweel after the US & Allied Forces liberated Iraq.

The US didn't find 300,000 warheads.
The US found the remains of 300,000 Iraqis in mass graves instead.

Iraqi-American Haider Ajina wrote to tell about the moment of silence held Wednesday in Iraq commemorating those who died at the hands of the Baathists and especially during Saddam's years in power...

There's lots more, lots of pictures.

The simple fact is that the "War in Iraq" ended when the good guys invaded in 2003, and stopped Saddam's internal war against his own people. We were and are the peacemakers. And we immediately allied ourselves with the ordinary Iraqi people to try to stop the Ba'athists and al Qaeda who began waging a terror campaign against democracy and against the little people of Iraq.

And Western leftists, news-media, and fake-pacifists immediately allied themselves with the terrorists, and have worked tirelessly for their victory, because Iraq is a skirmish in the real war, for the souls of mankind, and in particular, at this moment, for the souls of Americans and Europeans.

And they hated and opposed the Iraq Campaign even before it was proposed by the administration. Why? Because of things like this...

victims from mass graves, Mussaib, Iraq
When people see the victims, it is hard to go along with the twisted fake-Quaker crap about how "war" is something done only by America and her allies, and "peace" is what Iraq had, and will have again if we pull out. (Just as the ghastly stories of the Boat People, and the millions of dead in Cambodia, give the lie to the crap about how the "peace movement" brought "peace" to Vietnam when the Americans pulled out.)

Of course the news media aren't going to mention Mass Graves Day. Their whole leftist world-view is based on lies, and the ugly truth will destroy them if it can get out.

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