May 12, 2007

A snappish day I'm having...

PowerLine, on the Appeal for Courage:

...The Appeal was received yesterday in Washington by Minority Leader John Boehner and Senator Lindsay Graham. Did you read about it in your local newspaper? I didn't. Nor did I read about it on CNN, which, as best I can tell, has made no mention of the pro-Iraq war, anti-surrender petition signed by thousands of soldiers.

CNN did report on this, though: "Retired generals, Iraq veterans launch anti-war ads"....

....This is almost like a laboratory experiment, isn't it? A handful of veterans (including three out of several thousand retired generals) oppose the war: News. Thousands of active duty personnel urge Congress to support the war effort: Not news. That pretty well sums up the journalistic standard that has been applied to the conflict in Iraq...

Part of my being too-busy-to-blog lately involved long sitting in a waiting room, forced to listen to CNN (extremely rare for me) on a screen high on the wall. Big Brother had, of course, made no provision for control of volume or channel by people like me.

I hate them. Or rather I HATE THEM!

And really I don't, or at least try not to, hate those people personally, I hate their poisonous philosophy, and for that I make no apology. It is nihilism, it is utterly evil, it seeps and creeps into every crevice of our society. It is pure venom. It deserves to be hated.

And it is always disguised. It's disguised as "liberalism," as "caring for the poor," as Quakerism and pacifism and "civil rights" (with never any civil responsibility) and "equality" (defined by "diversity consultants")... You can't fight it because it never comes out in the open. You can't argue with it because it doesn't believe there is such a thing as Truth. And it ASSUMES, as if all reasonable people had already agreed, that we have no immortal souls, no duty to God, and that the transcendent does not exist.

One crumb of comfort I do have. Even if I had covered my ears, one sound would surely have penetrated. One word, over and over and over. IRAQ,

I'm more convinced that ever that the theory I wrote about here, is true. Their crazed desperation in attacking the Iraq Campaign is vivid evidence that I hit the nail on the head.

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