May 9, 2007

Think of a fallen log on the forest floor...

Captain Ed has an interesting post on this article, about the growing "marriage of convenience" between the left and Islamist groups.

...It's the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact for our age. The Left, with its insistence on multiculturalism and the end of religion in public discourse, has begun to ally itself with the most xenophobic religion on the planet, one which insists on transcendence in temporal matters above all other law. Its leaders now praise the same groups that target and kill civilians, oppress the media, openly practice anti-Semitism, and routinely stone those who have the audacity to date without permission from their families.

In the case of Noam Chomsky, this seems particularly egregious, but not terribly surprising. Chomsky can talk about Enlightenment ideals out of one side of his mouth, as he did in Imperial Ambitions, and then warmly support Hamas, which completely rejects those ideals of freedom, liberty, and individual conscience. In that book, he told David Barsamanian that "No other industrialized country has anything like the degree of extremist religious beliefs and irrational commitments like you see in the United States," and yet he has aligned himself with violent religious extremists like Hamas, and does so on the television network of the equally violent and extreme Hezbollah.

People like Chomsky love Hamas and Hezbollah not for their supposed "Enlightenment ideals," but for their hatred of America. That's the one thread that follows through all of these alliances between the Western Left and the Islamist nutcases who, on a philosophical basis, should be their ultimate nightmare. The people who drop brick walls on homosexuals get praise and support from the Chomskys of the world because the US cannot decide between allowing civil unions or gay marriage. Chomsky frets over the fact that "Large majorities are convinced of miracles, the existence of the devil, and so on," but then praises those who believe that infidels are agents of Satan and must be destroyed in jihad.

What we see is a class of people who hate America and who now grope for an intellectual basis to align themselves with America's opponents and enemies.

This is puzzling only if you think that the Left is still following a leftist philosophy. That they still believe in something. But the belief is gone, and few people seem to have noticed.

One of the most important phrases you should know, if you want to understand our world, is HOLLOWED OUT. Think of a fallen log on the forest floor. Sometimes you see one, and it looks solid. But insects and decay have eaten out the inside, and left only a shell of bark supported by dusty fibers.

We live in a time of rapid change, and we adjust to new conditions, but mostly not openly. Our thoughts gradually change, and later our behavior changes, without apparent reason. This is hugely frustrating to anyone who is concerned with the way our world is changing and moving , because we can't grapple with the underlying change, just the outward changes. No one admits to the interior transformation, so how can one argue about it?

The quote above is about a change in behavior, one that makes people like me want to grab the chomskys and shake them and scream, "What are you doing? Why? How can you say one thing and do the opposite?" But it's useless, because the real issue is the underlying change in philosophy, and Leftists refuse to acknowledge it, much less debate it. In fact they've been hollowed out, their old ideas are gone, but they still talk the talk.

One of the really wierd things about our time is that we see the "hollowing out" in nested layers. The phrase was originally coined for Christian churches that have had their faith drain away, replaced by mushy leftism. "Liberation Theology" is an extreme example, but the more common one is the Mainline Churches, where the leadership is indistinguishable from the general run of lefty activists. But now the leftist faith which hollowed out many churches is itself hollowed out, drained of the meaning it once had...

Posted by John Weidner at May 9, 2007 12:26 PM
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