May 3, 2007

Very appropriate...

...Bush signed the veto with a pen given to him by Robert Derga, the father of Marine Corps Reserve Cpl. Dustin Derga, who was killed in Iraq on May 8, 2005. The elder Derga spoke with Bush two weeks ago at a meeting the president had with military families at the White House.

Derga asked Bush to promise to use the pen in his veto. On Tuesday, Derga contacted the White House to remind Bush to use the pen, and so he did. The 24-year-old Dustin Derga served with Lima Company, 3rd Battalion 25th Marines from Columbus, Ohio. The five-year Marine reservist and fire team leader was killed by an armor-piercing round in Anbar Province...[Link].

I could write a whole heap of things right now, but they've all been said. Which itself is the subject of a great blog-post by VDH:

....All that has come and gone, and we are left in the end with the verdict of the battlefield. The war will be won or lost, like it or not, fairly or unjustly, in the next six months in Baghdad. Either Gen. Petraeus quells the violence to a level that even the media cannot exaggerate, or the enterprise fails, and we withdraw. For all the acrimony and hysteria at home, that in the end is what we face—the verdict of all wars that ultimately are decided by the soldiers, and then either supported or opposed by the majority at home with no views or ideology other than its desire to conform to the narrative from the front: support our winners, oppose our losers. In the end, that is what this entire hysterical four years are about.

Win Iraq in the sense of a government stabilizing analogous to Kurdistan or Turkey, and even at this late hour, pundits and politicians will scramble around to dig up their 2002-3 quotes supporting the war, while Hollywood goes quiet and turns to more sermons on Darfur.
Sad, but true.

One prays for victory, but also for clarity, which is much more elusive. There are TWO wars going on. One between MNF and al Qadea plus Ba'athists. The other one is for the soul of the West, between nihilists and those who still believe that life has meaning, and that there are things worth fighting for.

The "anti-war" gang wants us to lose in Iraq, but not because they actually care about what's happening there. (You can easily see that from their writings and statements.) What they care about is the message that the "independents" take away from this conflict. They want the message to be that believing and fighting for ones beliefs always ends in confusion and waste and failure.

And it is perfectly possible that we may unambiguously win in Iraq, and yet the message that ordinary Americans and Europeans take away is that we have merely created confusion and chaos. That's the message our evil press is pushing relentlessly, that Iraq is a place of chaotic "sectarian violence," without clear meaning.

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