April 8, 2007

In like Flynn...

Well, it's done. Tonight was the Easter Vigil, and I'm now a Catholic. What is it like? Awesome, quite indescribable, at least by me. Sort of like if you've been traveling for years, living in hotels....and then you get to go home.

Certainty, in its highest sense, is the reward of those who, by an act of will, and at the dictate of reason and prudence, embrace the truth, when nature, like a coward, shrinks [from it]. You must make a venture; faith is a venture before a man is a catholic; it is a gift after it. You approach the church in the way of reason, you enter it in the light of the spirit.
      -- John Henry Newman
Posted by John Weidner at April 8, 2007 12:04 AM
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