March 30, 2007

"rubble, smoke and chlorine gas, hard to see what was what..."

Awesome stuff! Here's part of a letter about the recent poison-gas and explosive attack on the Fallujah Government Center. By Lt. Col. Clayton Fisher...

...As for the IAs, they proved themselves. The jundi did a great job and pretty much stopped the initial attack as the insurgents were trying to shoot/ram their way inside. The IA and IP [Iraqi Police] figured it out and opened up on them, causing them to set off at the gates or just outside the buildings, vice inside where it would have been worse. Still too close than most would like, but it will do. After all "shook it off," we got most of us out of the rubble and the gas, did a head-count, realized there were still some back in. All rubble, smoke and chlorine gas, hard to see what was what, and of course you can't breathe. So of course, we ran back in it. Got to find those guys. It was not pretty but, we got them all out, to include a few guys you know. They are good now. We then got a US/IA triage and casualty system working. The chlorine thing is a whole other conversation.

And then those of us still standing, most wounded and gassed, ran back in again, slugged it out and fended off the counter attacks and any exploitation the insurgents were trying to get started. Many refused to be medevac'd during the fight. The USMC/Iraqi team was sluggin' it out side by side. Something to see. US Marines and Jundi still gasping for air, fighting side by side. Some jundi still in their sleeping sweats or shower sandals refusing to be evacuated, fighting back with their AKs and PKCs into enemy positions. Yes, some of these jundi got what it takes...

You maybe think heroes are something out of history books, at least if you get your news from the Gasping Media. Fortunately we have the Internet, so these bravos will not be totally ignored. These are the guys the Democrats are stabbing in the back. And those hostiles using poison gas on people—they are the ones Nancy Pelosi wants us to surrender to. In the interests of "peace," y'unnerstand.

Thanks to InstaPundit and Bill Ardolino.

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