March 19, 2007

Makes me proud...

Andrea pointed to this collection of pictures of the counter-protesters in Washington, DC. Too cool. Very moving. Thank you, gentlemen.

And Michelle Malkin's broad coverage of the events contained this line:

Why did the Eagles come? One common refrain: Vietnam veterans, some fighting back tears, told us they came to show the kind of support for the troops that they did not receive when the surrender lobby marched on the Pentagon 40 years ago today...

We're battling the same bunch of foul devils then and now. They are not "anti-war," they are just anti-American. They are not "pacifists;" they sent millions of Vietnamese and Cambodians to their deaths 40 years ago, without a peep of protest, without a tear shed, without apologies, without any @#$%&* candle-light vigils, without any remorse in their frozen hearts.

And they are just as ready to sacrifice millions of lives today, to protect their nihilist fantasy world. ("Millions of lives" meaning, as always, millions of brown-skinned people in distant places. If the fake-pacifists themselves are threatened with violence, they hesitate about 1/100 of a second before dialing 911, to bring tough men with guns to protect them and their organic salad greens.)

Posted by John Weidner at March 19, 2007 3:22 PM
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