March 7, 2007

Think Martha...

Dean Barnett:

...Though I have nothing of any worth to offer specifically regarding the Libby trial, I can offer some generalized observations on prosecutors gleaned from first hand observations working among them.

Prosecutors exist to get people thrown in jail. That’s their job, and the good ones love it. The close cases, the tough ones, are the ones that quicken their pulses, not the slam dunks. The guilt or innocence of the defendant has less to do with the prosecutor’s zeal in an individual case than does his love of the game and the size of his quarry. That’s why so many prosecutors get so excited when they get a famous person in their crosshairs....

I've never been comfortable with the "adversary system of justice," but then neither am I aware of some other system that works a lot better in practice. Sort of like democracy. But this whole business started with a false premise, and has been a slow-motion train wreck ever since.

If lying is a crime the people who should be going to jail are named Plame and Wilson. Not to mention the legions who cynically used them to undermine our country in time of war.

Posted by John Weidner at March 7, 2007 6:41 AM
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