March 2, 2007

"Zero Grazing"

This WaPo article, Speeding HIV's Deadly Spread is about how mainstream liberal prescriptions for stopping AIDs in Africa have had exacty the opposite effect. While the promotion of traditional morality does work.

On a hospital wall here, not far from the AIDS clinic that Khumalo visited with his friend, the painted image of a condom shimmers like a comic-book superhero. Giant, colorful block letters declare, "CONDOMISE AND STAY ALIVE!!"

In cramped black script below, it adds, "Abstain first."

Yet rarely seen among Botswana's AIDS prevention messages is one that has worked in other African countries: Multiple sex partners kill. Dubbed "Zero Grazing" by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, this approach dominated in East Africa, where several countries curbed HIV rates.

Fidelity campaigns never caught on in Botswana. Instead, the country focused on remedies favored by Western AIDS experts schooled in the epidemics of America's gay community or Thailand's brothels, where condom use became so routine it slowed the spread of HIV.

These experts brought not just ideas but money, and soon billboards in Botswana touted condoms. Schoolchildren sang about them. Cadres of young women demonstrated how to roll them on. The anti-AIDS partnership between the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and drugmaker Merck budgeted $13.5 million for condom promotion -- 25 times the amount dedicated to curbing dangerous sexual behavior.

But soaring rates of condom use have not brought down high HIV rates. Instead, they rose together, until both were among the highest in Africa...

"Multiple sex partners kill." That's been obvious from the beginning. But pointing out that obvious thing has been taboo to liberal do-gooders. Infantilizing themselves and the world—especially by promoting the unquestioning acceptance of sex-lives based on teenage fantasy—is much more important than saving lives. Not growing up is much more important than saving lives. Result: Millions die. You've heard about the "Culture of Death;" here it is.

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